Let the Right One In

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Feb 032010

It’s probably for the best that I had no idea “Let the Right One In” was a vampire movie. Sure, I loved “The Lost Boys” as a kid, and “From Dusk to Dawn” is pretty alright, but along with the better part of the nation, I have lost faith in vampires. Seriously, who wants their vampire flick watered down with some childish love story? As it turns out, I do.

“Let the Right One In” tells a story of two kids; Oskar, shy and socially awkward, and Eli, not too shy, but still socially awkward. Oskar is constantly picked on at school, causing him to withdraw from others, and Eli is a vampire, causing her to withdraw from others. Naturally, the two become close friends, and this aspect of the movie is compelling, endearing, and often a little odd to watch. But lest you think this sounds like a boring, artsy-version of the vampire movies we love to hate, there is awesome violence to be had.

Paced perfectly between the scenes of Oskar’s and Eli’s developing companionship are scenes of classic vampire gore. Necks are torn asunder, bodies are drained of blood, and there is a cat attack scene very¬†reminiscent¬†of Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers. It all combines to create not only the best vampire movie I’ve ever seen, but also one of my new favorite movies.

Don’t let your jaded opinion of vampire flicks keep you from watching “Let the Right One In.” If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you should stop what you’re doing and watch it now, and if you have seen it, see it again.

I give this movie: a lifetime supply of Swedish Fish.