Spring Break Massacre

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Apr 012010
Spring Break Massacre

Huzzah! One million times huzzah!!! Spring Break Massacre, (amazingly the first film ever with that name), is a perfectly crafted throwback to the straight-up teen-slasher horror-comedies of the 80s that, as a genre, has sadly fizzled out. Taking the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach, SBM doesn’t pull any of that “we’re gonna Continue reading…

Escape From Darwin

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Mar 302010
Escape From Darwin

Two things you should know about my mom to understand my review of Escape From Darwin: 1.) She’s a classy dame. Being polite is very important to my mom and as a result, became very important to me. As a weakling that will do almost anything to avoid confrontation, I became exceptionally skilled in politeness Continue reading…


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Mar 292010

This is Zed Wilson. Chances are you’ve never seen him before, but go ahead and get used to that face now because as soon as the right person stumbles upon a little indie-horror film called Trippin’, this dude is gonna be everywhere. At first he’ll probably just appear in some Doritos commercial or something (or Continue reading…